Partnership of People: Harare-Munich as Practica or Senior-Experts

external image image.jpgThe exchange of young trainees from Harare in Zimbabwe and from the Peruvian rainfores tenvironment-perhaps soon SeniorExperts over a few months instead of winter here?

By resolution of someEU sanctions is morepossible again, even when dealing with the political situation - as here- good nerves does, but the resulting friendships make up for it.
nordsuedforum München
nordsuedforum München
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Monthly meeting of HaMuPA Harare - Munich - Partnership of **Nord-Süd-Forum München** im **Einewelthaus** at the last Thursday of a Month 18h
youventus international is a Projekt of zbb eV zusammenschluss bayrischer bildungsinitiativen assambly of bavarian forming-initiatives